10 Best Parental Software

Updated on: September 2023

Best Parental Software in 2023

Safe Vision: control YouTube for kids

Safe Vision: control YouTube for kids
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2023
  • Control what your kids can watch on YouTube — You’ll be thrilled to hand your tablet over with total peace of mind
  • Easily pick and choose what your child views — Whitelist videos and entire channels instead of risking inappropriate “recommendations”
  • No ads or sidebar videos — AKA zero chances for bad content to sneak in
  • Set screen time limits — Let Safe Vision be the one to say “That’s enough TV for now”
  • Lock and unlock individual videos or entire channels — Allow your kids to access only the channels and videos you trust

Parental Time Control

Parental Time Control
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2023
  • Limit time spent on games;
  • Prevent use of phones for games during school or evening hours;
  • Create a list of approved programs which can be used without any limits;
  • Block undesirable applications, such as YouTube, the web, or Play Store;
  • Remote control through the Kidlogger.net online service;

Qustodio Parental Control

Qustodio Parental Control
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2023
  • With the Qustodio app you get the following:
  • – Web monitoring and blocking
  • – Application monitoring and blocking (Premium)
  • – Access time limits and quotas

Child Lock - Parental Control

Child Lock - Parental Control
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2023
  • Feature of Child lock –Parental Control
  • Simple to select, use and handle
  • Keep a check on your child’s online presence 24/7
  • Monitor all access for your child daily, weekly monthly and yearly
  • Block games at bedtime of your child
  • Limit your child’s access

Kids for YouTube

Kids for YouTube
BESTSELLER NO. 5 in 2023
  • - Optimized interface for both android tablets and phones.
  • - Super fast, smart performance cache
  • - Thousands of fun and safe cartoon videos for youtube kids.
  • - Search channels, videos, playlists and watch them later.
  • - Kids TV
  • - Kids channels
  • - Free kids videos
  • - Cartoon videos for kids

Messenger Kids – Safer Messaging and Video Chat

Messenger Kids – Safer Messaging and Video Chat
BESTSELLER NO. 6 in 2023
  • Parents control the contact list and can remove contacts at any time.
  • Kids message and video call using Wi-Fi, so they don't need a phone number.
  • Kid-appropriate masks, stickers, GIFs, frames and emojis bring conversations to life.
  • Parents and approved grown-ups can connect from their Messenger app wherever it's installed.
  • Messenger Kids is an ad-free experience and has no in-app purchases.
  • New masks and filters are added regularly.

Parental control pro

Parental control pro
BESTSELLER NO. 7 in 2023
  • sms recording
  • guide registration
  • location record
  • call log
  • recording media

Amazon FreeTime for Fire TV

Amazon FreeTime for Fire TV
BESTSELLER NO. 8 in 2023
  • FreeTime offers a kid-friendly environment for kids to explore and watch age-appropriate content
  • Share eligible content you’ve purchased or downloaded from Amazon to your child's profile
  • Parents can review all activity through Amazon Parent Dashboard and also manage parental controls, including time limits, bed time, and age filters
  • The FreeTime Unlimited subscription gives even more kid-friendly Movies and TV Shows on Fire TV and also includes includes age-appropriate books, Audible books, Alexa Skills, videos, educational apps, and games for use on other compatible devices.
  • FreeTime and FreeTime Unlimited are available on Fire tablets, compatible iOS and Android devices, and select Echo and Fire TV devices.

My Talking Hank

My Talking Hank
BESTSELLER NO. 9 in 2023
  • Welcome to Hawaii: Check out your wonderful island home! It looks cool night and day!
  • Raise Hank: Hank needs you to take care of him, from feeding to visiting the toilet!
  • Take Photos: Help Hank complete his photo album by taking pictures of wild, exotic animals.
  • Attract animals: Some of them are scared of Hank, you’ll need food and toys to lure them out!
  • Keep playing: There are more features to discover in My Talking Hank, so keep exploring!

Kids Place - Parental Control

Kids Place - Parental Control
BESTSELLER NO. 10 in 2023
  • Parental controls
  • Display only parent-authorized apps to kids
  • Protect your data with the Child and Toddler Lock features
  • Adjust settings to disable wireless signals and block or allow incoming calls
  • Use with many other popular, kid-friendly apps
  • Compatible with Kindle Free Time
  • Create multiple user profiles
  • Group apps in categories
  • Premium Features (requires In-App purchase)
  • ★ Run in background mode. Kids Place will not be used as a launcher or home screen. Suitable for older kids or on
  • employees device to be used with stock launcher.
  • ★ Added option to always start on reboot.
  • ★ Ability to block app uninstall.
  • ★ Customize App Title

Should Parents Be Concerned About Video Games?

What have we gained or lost from video games? Parental controls are the best solution to overindulgence.

I was in the sixth grade when my father brought home an Atari machine and Pong, as well as a couple of other games. He worked with computers at his job, and had been one of the first in line to get this new toy, as soon as we could afford one. My brothers and I were absolutely entranced, as we sat there, watching that little ball bounce back and forth on the screen. When we got a game that required you to shoot little squares that somewhat resembled aliens from our square spaceship high above, we stayed up until midnight every night playing the game, in order to earn a badge that the software company sent you when you reached the maximum number of points. I still have that patch today in my childhood scrapbook. I worked hard for it. I looked like a member of the undead when I reached my million points at one in the morning, but I had set a goal and reached it. What I had accomplished beyond a colorful arm patch was questionable, but I had fun doing it.

Video games continued to evolve and become more and more sophisticated, as well as available for the home computer and more advanced videogame systems. My father continued to buy games as they came out, and more and more little pinging noises were heard on a daily basis around our house. My own interest quickly waned, but my brothers' interest continued. Each of them began to have problems in school, as they grew older. They continued to play videogames instead of doing their homework.

One brother in particular would stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning playing videogames and sleep until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I can't remember him spending any significant amount of time outdoors as a teenager. I only remember him at school, and at home in front of the TV or playing videogames. He became obese, and was having many personal challenges socially. The games became an escape from life that called to him like Odysseus' sirens. I remember walking into the living room while he was playing a popular game called Doom, with the parental controls off. After watching digital blonde bombshells being impaled on stakes and watching my brother digitally shooting the heads off their dead bodies, I walked out of the room convinced that parental controls are a very good thing.

Finally our game systems entirely disappeared, having been stolen in their enormous carrying case, along with all the games. The best we could surmise was that they were taken by one of the many strange, silent and pasty young boys that my brother called "friends" that came in and out of our home strictly to play videogames. It wasn't until that point that my brother decided to leave home and strike out on his own. His children are now playing videogames with him. Despite their father having finally finished his bachelor's degree at age 30, his two oldest boys are having trouble learning to read.

Today there is learning software that promises development and fun at the same time. My husband learned to type for his work by using the Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing software. The games on that program have also helped me with my typing speed, although I actually learned to type in high school. My own children enjoy trying to learn Spanish on their preschool program, but aside from being able to count to ten, they haven't retained much of the vocabulary they've learned. I have a son of my own who adores videogames. His father begged me to break down and allow a Nintendo game system in the house, and I relented out of love for my spouse. Games are a part of our life, and I have come a reluctant peace in having them in our home. However, I do have controls on the games, and my husband and I exercise that control. They are played sparingly, or game time is given as a reward. We do not allow M-rated games in our home, and we limit time with shooter-style games. Homework and real life come first, always.

I can't say what the future will hold, or what we as a gaming nation have individually or collectively gained or lost from the experience. There are too many variables in life to say that videogames alone are responsible for bad grades, overweight children, or an excessively violent society. However, from my brother's experience, I believe that videogames have the potential for destruction when unchecked, and that limits are necessary for families to keep their members safe. In our case, I hope that the limits we've chosen will allow my children to enjoy the benefits of games without the detrimental side effects that I have seen in the lives of others.

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